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  3. How do I add funds to my account?
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    How do I purchase a gift certificate?

    Giving a gift certificate is so easy and you can choose whether to give phone or chat sessions for a particular advisor, or let the recipient choose from the entire 12Listen team of advisors. What's more, with our new online management system, gift certificates you give will always be used and appreciated. Follow the 3 easy steps below to purchase your gift certificates:

    1. Login to your Click4Advisor account, in the 'Deposit Transaction' section, click on the blue 'Gift Certificate' link near the top just below the main navigation buttons.
    2. Fill in the fields of the gift certificate form, including the value of the gift certificate, the advisor to redeem it with, the recipient's e-mail address and your personal gift note, and click the 'Submit' button.
    3. The Gift Certificate system instantly and automatically sends an email notification of your gift to the recipient with detailed instructions on how to use it and speak with the advisor.

    How can I tell if a gift certificate has been used? Is it transferable?

    The Gift Certificate Management Center (GCMC) is a revolutionary tool to help you make sure all your gift certificates go to good use. The GCMC lets you:

    1. View the recipient redemption status of your gift certificates
    2. Send email reminders to your recipients
    3. Print out copies to give or mail to your recipients
    4. Even switch recipients for an existing gift certificate if your initial recipient decides not to redeem the gift

    The GCMC is found in the 'Gift Certificate' section of your account interface.

    Purchase your gift certificates for someone special by clicking here now.

    ****** - I'm new, What do I do? - Where do I start?******

    When you're ready to open an account click here. It will take you to a secure sign-in page where you will:

    1. Open a safe and secure password protected account
    2. Put funds into that account
    3. Select the advisor you wish to speak to
    4. Click their 'Green Bar'
    5. Enter your phone number and user name and sit back

    Our software allows you to call any advisor without exposing any phone numbers. All you do is make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover your call and when you're ready to talk to an advisor the fee is ONLY deducted as you use up time. You get full control over your account. A recording will announce to you when your account is getting low if you are in a session and you can fill it back up when you're ready.

    Help is always available: You can call 1-925-469-9600 ext 203 from 9-5 Pacific Time or simply write us at 24 hours a day.

    If it's after hours you can also call: 303-777-1112 and someone will return your call expediantly.

    ******How to Sign Up- The Video Version******

    If you like to watch and learn, this video may help you!

    Watch The Video!

    I have opened an account - now what?

    You can use it to write your advisor, schedule a return call, leave feedback to an advisor you have spoken with, add funds to your account and change your password or user information. Your account becomes your portal for complete control.

    How do I add more funds to my account?

    Just log in to your personal account and make a deposit with your credit card or if you're on the phone:

    60 seconds prior to spending the funds in your account, an audible alert will announce that your funds are low. Both the advisor and customer hear this short recording and you will be given an option to add more funds.

    You will simply be prompted to press '1' and then the amount in dollars and then your 3 digit code on the back of your card. Everything is confirmed before you make your selection. If there is a problem, simply call or email us.

    Do I get charged if an available advisor doesn't answer?

    Your account has a 30-second buffer that allows you to be connected to an advisor's phone line for up to 30 seconds without being charged. This 30 second buffer is also useful if your advisor is an astrologer or numerologist and wants a moment or two to run your chart. The 30 second buffer can be used to get the information and make arrangements for you to call back in just a few moments.

    What does "Request an Immediate Callback" mean?

    When an advisor is unavailable or busy, you can 'Submit a Callback Request' to receive a call once the advisor becomes available. 'Submit a Callback Request' is offered to users both in the online system, as well as through the 1-800 Dial-In system.

    Users will see the callback requests they've submitted in their account manager, while advisors will see the 'Callback Request Queue' in their interface of users waiting to contact them. The moment an advisor switches from Unavailable to Available they will begin receiving the calls that have requested a callback.

    What does "Request a Scheduled Call" mean?

    This feature allows you to ask the advisor for an appointment time that you initiate. For example, if you want a reading on Friday October 12 at 6:30 pm you can ask for it (you have to ask for it in Pacific Time Zone to avoid confusion). Your advisor will be sent an email and will either confirm, reject or modify your request. When you both have reached an agreed time, both phones will ring at the appointment time. NOTE: Your email is never exchanged and is filtered through.

    Is there an 800 number I can use? allows customers to use the phone system even when they are not by a computer. Customers will have their own unique Dial-In ID and PIN number. This is obtained by:

    1. Logging into your account
    2. Click User Profile at the top
    3. Click the "Update Dial-In Pin" link
    4. Get or create your PIN
    5. Call 1-888-626-7386 from any phone

    How do I access the Dial-In service if I am located outside to USA/Canada?
    For outside to USA/Canada users, you should call 1-510-897-1288 to access dial-in service.

    Does it cost extra to use the Dial-In service?
    No. There is no extra cost for using the Dial-In service, and every activity that is initiated through the Dial-In service is completely integrated with the Click4Advisor Internet system.

    How do I know which psychic to choose?

    We've taken the hard part out. If you're reading a biography on our site then you can be assured that they are a superior advisor. But we also know that a "great psychic" for one isn't necessarily a great psychic for everyone. That's when your own intuition will help. Read about your advisor. Are they someone you would like to know? Do they have an interest that matches your own, or do you just like how they look? Read their evaluations and see what others have said about them. Don't get stuck on the tool they use, such as Tarot or Astrology. Remember, it's not the wand, it's the person waving it where the magic is. You can also look at our testimonials page which has a selection of unsolicited testimonials we have received over the years from our clients.

    Time Based Sessions

    Time Based Sessions are One rate sessions that allow you to talk to your advisors for a selected time without introduction. Some interesting features are:

    1. You buy it now and use the bulk rate the next time you call your advisor. If you call other advisors first, the system puts you on the per minute rate with them and remembers your TBS when you call the advisor from whom you purchased the service.

    2. TBS purchases are USE IN ONE SESSION or LOSE. If you purchase a 20 minute session, and end it in 17 minutes, you lose the three minutes.

    3. You can still Schedule a Call or Request a Call back with this service while having TBS in your system (in fact, if you buy over 20 minutes, it would be wise to schedule your time).

    4. Find TBS on the pop up window when you click "Call Now" or use this link

    Time Based Sessions User Terms and Conditions

    Click4Advisor User Agreement:

    Click4Advisor Time-Based Session is a phone or online chat session that is purchased with a specific advisor for a fixed time duration and price. It allows Advisors to offer time-based sessions to Click4Advisor Users who purchase time-based sessions through the Click4Advisor system.
    The price per Time-Based Session varies from time-based session to time-based session. Each Advisor sets their individual time-based session price.

    Features and Limitations

    The Time-Based Sessions shall be conducted over the phone or through online chat, and shall not be split between multiple transactions.
    There is no add-money prompt during a Time-Based Session. When the Time-Based Session ends, the User can purchase another Time-Based Session or contact the Advisor back to transact at the per minute rate.
    The User can not use free minutes with a Time-Based Session.
    The User can purchase a Time-Based Session online only by using your Click4Advisor Web Interface. However, the User can connect to the Advisor using a previously purchased Time-Based Session through the 1-888-626-7386 Dial-in service.
    The User can cancel a Time-Based Session any time prior to the start of the Time-Based Session by sending an email to in order to receive a refund.
    When the User buys a Time-Based Session, the payment is associated with the Time-Based Session purchase and is not available to receive one-on-one advice with other advisors or use for other Click4Advisor services.

    Advisor Feedback

    The Time-Based Session feedback is listed under the standard Click4Advisor Service feedback. The feedback should be provided within 7 calendar days of the completed Time-Based Session. Any action taken that may undermine the feedback system is prohibited. Please see our feedback policy for further information.
    To dispute a Time-Based Session transaction, the User must send a message from the Click4Advisor Web Interface (found under "Message Center" tab) to the Advisor within 48 hours of the time-based session. Also, the User should send a similar message to 'Admin' recipient so that Click4Advisor can put a hold on the transaction until the dispute is resolved. Charges shall be calculated solely based on records maintained by Click4Advisor. Click4Advisor reserves the right to credit your account, in full or part (or not at all), for the disputed transaction in question. Credit will be issued to your account for use toward subsequent advice calls or Time-Based Sessions. Reimbursement limit is two (2) transactions per month with a maximum of $10 per Time-Based Session.
    Click4advisor does not monitor phone calls or online chat during Time-Based Sessions between Users and Advisors. Click4Advisor does not provide chat dialogue to Users and/or Advisors after the online chat session has completed. However, Click4Advisor reserves the right to review the chat session dialogue and to contact Users and Advisors, with or without revealing its identity (but never by providing a false identity), in order to investigate disputes and evaluate compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Advisor and User Service Agreements. Further information can be found in our Phone Calls Privacy Policy and Online Chat Privacy Policy. Any written communication with the Advisor, before and/or after the Time-Based Session, must go through the "Message Center" tab inside Click4Advisor Web Interface.

    Chat Service!

    What is Chatting? A chat room, despite its name is a place where you can type a message to someone in a private "room" and they can type back to you. Very similar to text messaging on your cell phone only you can send and receive messages instantly. You can actually "see" when the other person is typing and their message lands in a central screen that you both can read and see the sequence of the dialogue. All you need is a computer and typing skills—No Phones Required! Reasons to Chat: Not all advisors are using the service but to find out who's signed in and ready to talk to you click the button.

    Anything else I need to know?

    If you want the fine print you can look at our terms of use page which has all the legal stuff along with how to contact us should the need arise.

    Advisor Information

    I want to be an advisor for What do I do?

    You should be very familiar with many part of the 12Family of websites including,,, etc. Listening to Radio shows is a great way to develop a relationship with the hosts and advisors and allows you to better understand the importance of our community. If you would like to learn more or if you feel ready to be an advisor please contact us at and let us know your thoughts or questions and we'll respond in a timely manner.

    . .